Eric Gutierrez
Professional Facilities Operations Manager

Eric Gutierrez

Facilities management can be defined as the tools and services that support the functionality, safety, and sustainability of buildings, grounds, infrastructure, and real estate.

There are two basic areas: Hard Facilities Management (Hard FM) and Soft Facilities Management (Soft FM).

Hard FM deals with physical assets such as plumbing, wiring, elevators, and heating and cooling.
Soft FM focuses on tasks performed by people such as custodial services, lease accounting, catering, security, and groundskeeping.

Superior facilities management will contribute to your organization’s bottom line, impacting the short- and long-term value of property, buildings, and equipment. Your efforts can be crucial to:

Space optimization
Guiding capital projects
Energy management and maintenance
Lease accounting
Workplace experience

As many enterprises return to their offices, the workplace ideally becomes a destination where employees want to gather and collaborate — connecting safely with each other. And then there is already the need to create a return-to-the-workplace strategy. 

The move is on to hybrid workspaces. The new workspace in the post-pandemic world will need to satisfy even more needs. Does productivity mean keeping face-to-face working or saving employees commuting time? Have a look at the advantages and challenges of building a hybrid workspace model.

Give employees a better workplace experience. “A great place to work” is being redefined by COVID-19, employee expectations, and technology. That experience can still mean the difference between engaged, productive employees, and a company facing turnover and even more disruption.

Eric Gutierrez